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Help at Home

Home care and supported living solutions in Leicester & East Midlands

Why Help at Home?


Our carers work to ensure clients remain as independent as possible


We offer our clients as much choice as possible in decisions effecting their own lives

Highly-trained carers

All care assistants are highly-trained and matched to individual client’s needs & requirements


Clients remain core to their care and all decisions made relating how they’re looked after

Our services

Elderly Care

Growing older doesn’t mean a person needs to lose their independence. Caring for hundreds of elderly people over the years, we aim to enable our elderly clients to live in the homes they know while still feeling a sense of self-reliance and autonomy. Our care assistants help promote and facilitate outdoor & social activities, too, to maintain a client’s quality of life to the full.


Anyone of us could suffer a knock-back in life due to accident, injury or illness that not only threatens our independence but also everyday confidence. Our trained reablement teams support people of all ages and needs to regain mobility in and out of the home, reducing, or removing all together, the need for ongoing care.

Join the Help at Home Team

Become a Care Assistant in Leicester

Care work can be a highly-rewarding. Undoubtedly hard work and challenging at times, being a care assistant can bring with it a considerable amount of personal satisfaction when you’re helping some of society’s most vulnerable people. As a care assistant, you’ll have a real chance to make a meaningful contribution to a client’s overall well-being and see the direct results. Some may be alone, in pain or distressed but you’ll be the one they rely on to provide peace-of-mind, not only to them but their families and friends, too. As a care assistant, you can be bring hope, inspiration or even just company to someone who needs it the most. Find our more about care assistant jobs at Help at Home.

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